Profilo di AUCOTEC

Chi siamo

AUCOTEC sviluppa software di ingegneria per l'intero ciclo produttivo di macchine, impianti e sistemi mobili. 

Le soluzioni AUCOTEC vanno dagli diagrammi di flusso alla progettazione elettrica e strumentale per impianti di grandi dimensioni, passando per il cablaggio modulare per il settore automobilistico. 

Grazie alla sua piattaforma unica di cooperazione AUCOTEC crea una sinergia tra i diversi processi di business dei nostri clienti. 

Create Synergy – Connect Processes

La piattaforma Engineering Base (EB) è il risultato della grande esperienza che AUCOTEC ha maturato con le sue soluzioni specifiche nei settori della costruzione di macchine e impianti, del processo di controllo, della distribuzione di energia così come nello sviluppo del cablaggio. La sua filosofia basata su database, oltre ad avere notevolmente ottimizzato i processi e i flussi di lavoro di moltissimi clienti, ha definitivamente modificato l’approccio alla progettazione elettrica rispetto ai tradizionali strumenti. Secondo gli esperti AUCOTEC, il più alto e duraturo livello di efficienza può essere ottenuto solo attraverso una connessione e collaborazione tra diverse discipline. 

In recent years, we have seen particularly positive corporate development, which continues into the future. That makes us proud, but we also see this success as an obligation – towards our customers as well as for the steadily growing number of employees. Our success is largely based on close cooperation with our customers. Sustainably supporting them in achieving their goals is our most important focus.

Horst Beran, CEO

We offer end-to-end solutions that cover all phases of process and electrotechnical systems and plants, from design to operation. Our customers can combine previously separate processes on just one database and thus open up enormous optimization potential.

Uwe Vogt, Board Member

To consistently and quickly adapt to industry and customer needs is a key success factor at AUCOTEC. Added to this are high flexibility, dynamism and independence. We have just the right tools to optimally support our customers with Industry 4.0, big data and digitization.

Klaus Naumann, Sales Director Central Europe

It is astonishing to see how AUCOTEC manages to maintain the atmosphere of a flexible, innovative and idea-driven start-up while providing all employees and customers with the reliability, robustness and power of a very well-established company.

Pouria G. Bigvand, Director Product Management

I really like the responsible work for and with my great team but also the direct dialogue with very different customers - and AUCOTEC's team spirit!

Andreas Lidolt, Director Professional Services

The customer is absolutely at the centre of our business. That always inspires me! Responsibility, freedom of design, flexibility, enjoyment of what we do – this sums AUCOTEC up in a few words.

Stefan Wedderkopp, Director Application Consulting / Operations Management

AUCOTEC offers short communication channels and an environment that rewards brave decisions and where we AUCOTECers develop technically sophisticated products that uniquely and efficiently enable our customers to implement the engineering of the future today.

Eike Michel, Director of Research and Development

According to the AUCOTEC company policy "Create Synergy - Connect Processes", we support our customers as a long-term and reliable innovation partner in the optimization of their engineering processes from development and production to maintenance.

Andreas Schünemann, Director Marketing Services